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Central Data Storage (CDS)
Central Data Storage is one of the Countries’ largest, Managed, Storage as a Service (STaaS) companies who owns its own Data Center. CDS manages Patient Health Information (PHI) throughout the Data Lifecycle (capture, 448 bit encryption, compression, versioning, de-duplication, multiple data sets, file timing and secure data destruction).

  • CDS is a resource to mitigate risk CDS stores data in its Hybrid Private Cloud environment
  • CDS does not co-mingle data
  • CDS provides all recovery services at no additional charge
  • CDS has been reviewed for Best Practice data storage
  • CDS is audit tested
  • CDS provides Hospital Storage as a Service (STaaS) for private practice in the U.S. and Canada.

Central Data Storage offers NCMS members, who participate in a FREE Data Assessment to protect (PHI) patient health information a complementary 30 days upon sign up for the service. Please contact Central Data Storage at 1-800-422-4607 to get started.

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