Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about your NCMS PAC and the important roles it plays in advocacy and relationship building.

Your NCMS PAC is the political education and action committee of the North Carolina Medical Society. It is the voice for over 12,500 physicians, physician assistants, residents and medical students. The NCMS PAC plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining relationships with state and federal office holders. These relationships are foundational to our advocacy success!


Together, we can continue to achieve the legislative goals of the North Carolina Medical Society. An investment in the NCMS PAC is one of the most important you can make to further our progress. Your support truly makes the difference.

Get in touch: 


PO Box 25834

Raleigh, NC 27611

Phone – (919) 833-3836   Fax – (919) 833-2023

Staff: Will Barnett, Assistant Director, Legislative and Political Action,


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