North Carolina Neurological Society Annual Meeting

Get Ready for NCNS 2015

The North Carolina Neurological Society’s 2015 Annual Meeting with be held Feb. 20-22, 2015, at the Ballantyne Hotel in Charlotte, N.C. For reservations, call the Ballantyne at (866) 248-4824. Watch for your registration brochure in the mail, or download a brochure now (PDF).

Start Planning Now!
Under the direction and leadership of your 2015 Annual Meeting Program Chair Robert Yapundich, MD (Hickory), NCNS has put the finishing touches on next year’s meeting program.

For more information, download a brochure (PDF) or contact Nancy Lowe,, 919-833-3836 ext. 111.


NCNS 2015 program highlights include:

  • Broaden your arsenal in combating migraine by attending this lecture: “Migraine Therapy: Cutting Edge Innovation,“ presented by Stuart Tepper, MD of the Cleveland Clinic.
  • Take your care of stroke patients to the next level! Learn “Medical Management of Stroke,” from Larry Goldstein, MD of Duke University.
  • Join Greg Esper, MD (Emory University) as he navigates the audience through the transition to a value-based health care world in his lecture, “The Business of Neurology: Adapting to the World of Value-Based Care.”
  • And much more!

More Future Events


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