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Health Reform

pub-health-spotThe North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) has long advocated that all Americans should have health insurance and access to high quality, affordable health care, regardless of employment or health status. North Carolina’s physicians are actively engaged in making sure that reforms preserve and enhance the patient-doctor relationship. Check out a listing of resources to assist patients in adapting to a changing health market.

Health Reform Resources

Problems with Insurance Companies or Health Plans:

The North Carolina Medical Society is an advocacy organization supporting physicians and their patients. We are unable, however, to resolve specific patient inquiries such as bills or claims, medical necessity or similar complaints patients may have regarding insurance companies, health plans or physician offices. There are many excellent resources devoted to helping patients with these concerns. Below are some resources that may be of assistance:

Consumer Resources

Issues with Insurance or Health Plan Laws:

  • Health Insurance Smart NC:  A resource from the NC Department of Insurance, this site can help you file complaints or appeals with your health insurance company and help you request an external review if your health insurance claim was denied.

Problems with Medicare, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance:

New Medicare Patients Looking for Physicians:

Concerns Regarding Physicians or Physician’s Offices:

  • Contact the North Carolina Medical Board at 1-800-546-5664 or online at To get further information regarding a specific physician, use their “Look Up a Licensee” link on the right hand side of the homepage.

Medical Conditions

The following information is intended to assist patients who are seeking more information regarding medical conditions and ways to ensure better health. In addition, information is provided to empower you as the patient to work with your physician to ensure the best quality of care is provided.


  • American Cancer Society [] – The American Cancer Society’s site is dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem through prevention and awareness. The site also seeks to diminish suffering from cancer and provides information pertaining to all cancer types, as well as support for family members and cancer survivors.


Heart Conditions

Pulmonary Issues – asthma, COPD, lung cancer, smoking cessation

Patient/Physician Resources

Maintaining good health requires that patients empower themselves through education and awareness of their condition and the treatment methods available to them. In addition, patients can take a proactive role in ensuring their safety throughout their treatment by developing an effective relationship with their physician and by taking responsibility for keeping an accurate account of their medical conditions and medications. The following links are helpful in learning what steps you as a patient can take to ensure quality care and to prevent medical errors.

Patient Health Records

Find a Physician

  • NC Medical Society Membership Directory  – View over 12,000 names of member physicians, physician assistants, residents, and students; search by name, city, specialty, or county and then download your results.
  • NC Medical Board [] – The NC Medical Board manages the licensing of medical providers throughout the state. “Look up a Licensee” to find current contact information and educational background.

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