Medicaid Reform

Medicaid reform and resolution of problems with the NCTracks Medicaid claims system are just two recent examples of important and highly publicized issues NCMS staff has been addressing on your behalf.

In March 2013, NCMS responded to the state’s request for information on ways to reform Medicaid with a comprehensive proposal. Since the McCrory administration presented its plan in April 2013, NCMS has been actively engaged at the highest levels to make sure that patients’ and health care providers’ interests are protected as the reform plans evolve.

From the day the problem-plagued NCTracks system launched July 1, 2013, NCMS has been proactive in logging members’ complaints and taking their problems to the officials at CSC who can resolve them. In October more than 100 members came to an NCMS breakfast at the Legislative Building to educate Legislators on their experiences with NCTracks. The Legislators then went into a Joint Legislative Oversight Committee hearing armed with this knowledge and able to ask pointed questions of testifying CSC officials. NCMS staff has personally helped dozens of practices across the state get reimbursed for their Medicaid services, helping them continue to see patients. As one grateful member acknowledged, “The NCMS stepped up and literally saved our bacon!”

Useful links to learn more about Medicaid reform proposals in North Carolina:

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