Health Policy

A major role for the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) is working with its membership to set health policy as an organization and take public positions on these and other issues as they enter the policymaking arena. The mechanism for setting NCMS policy is the House of Delegates, an institution steeped in tradition. Each year delegates representing a cross-section of NCMS membership, gather at the Annual Meeting to debate and vote on a wide variety of health policy resolutions generated by the membership. While many traditions remain, the HOD and the policy setting process is gradually evolving to become more reflective of the complex issues facing physicians today, and more nimble in setting meaningful policies in today’s rapidly changing health care environment.

Visit the NCMS Annual Meeting and House of Delegates webpage to review the latest information on the next policymaking event.

Health Policy and House of Delegates Publications

  1. NCMS Policy Manual. The Policy Manual contains all of the NCMS’ current stance on a wide range health care issues, ranging from public health to containing medical costs. NCMS policies are reviewed every five years in order to ensure a policy’s relevance and applicability.Search NCMS Policies
  1. HOD Procedures. Learn how the House of Delegates works, from submitting a resolution to introducing new business to the House.Download
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