Leadership Development


About the Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership

Recognizing that reform does not come easily and requires leadership of the highest caliber, the Leadership College was established in 2002. The college was later expanded to the Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership to provide innovative programs focused on developing physician leaders and build strong leadership skills. The Institute has since grown a statewide network of physician leaders who have successfully completed intensive, practical, and relevant professional development coursework to better prepare them to be leaders in the emerging health care system.

The NCMS understands the need to move health care away from volume-based reimbursement toward a value-driven system. In the current health care environment, the NCMS must help to develop physician leaders to ensure that our health care system provides better quality for individual patients and populations, is more cost effective, and provides greater transparency. The Institute for Physician Leadership will be a key incubator for these changes.

Today, the Institute includes two educational programs that focus on leadership fundamentals and clinical quality. A third program focusing on health care management with the competencies of effective decision-making is currently being developed.

Leadership fundamentals are taught through the NCMS Leadership College Program, which enhances physicians’ core aptitudes to excel as leaders within organized medicine, hospitals, health care systems, medical staffs, group practices, and in the public policy arena. The Leadership College also equips graduates to become more influential in motivating and inspiring other physicians to be leaders in their communities.

The Clinical Quality Program is a collaboration between NCMSF and the NC Quality Center to provide educational resources and training to allow physicians to provide leadership in their practice settings to drive quality improvement. The core components of the program are:

  • Promoting a fair and just patient safety culture
  • Optimizing teamwork and communication among healthcare professionals by fostering a culture of accountability
  • Ensuring evidence-based care processes through reliable system design
  • Gaining knowledge through organizational learning

During Spring 2015, a third leadership program will be implemented  that aims to intensify leadership development and provide the necessary business skills physicians need to be equipped to lead healthcare organization in the 21st century.

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