NCMS Committees

Much of the work of the North Carolina Medical Society is accomplished through its committees. NCMS committees discuss and recommend official policies and actions for adoption by the Society’s House of Delegates. The committees meet two to three times a year.

In addition to the professional satisfaction that results from participating in committee work, many NCMS members enjoy the excellent opportunity committees give them to become acquainted with and work with colleagues throughout the state. Questions regarding NCMS Committees should be directed to Abbey Ruggiero, 919-833-3836 ext. 135,

Accountable Care Task Force

Chair: Devdutta G. Sangvai, MD, MBA, FAAFP; Staffed by Jennifer Gasperini and Melanie Phelps.

Communications and Membership Advisory Committee

Reviews all endorsed programs offered to NCMS members and provides direction on marketing the image and identity of the NCMS to members, prospective members, and the general public.

Chair: Dana L. Chambers, MD; Staffed by Will Barnett and Elaine Ellis.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Keeps NCMS governing documents updated and in conformity with the Society’s current needs and activities.

Chair: Palmer Edwards, MD, DFAPA; Staffed by Steve Keene.

Credentials Committee

Determines eligibility to be seated in the NCMS House of Delegates.

Chair: Stephen M. Lang, MD; Staffed by Kristen Shipherd.

Ethical and Judicial Affairs Committee

Interprets the principles of medical ethics and investigates general ethical conditions.

Chair: Anthony J. Caprio, MD; Staffed by Steve Keene.

Finance Committee

Advises the NCMS on all financial, personnel, and audit issues.

Chaired by Timothy J. Reeder, MD, MPH, FACEP; Staffed by Shawn Scott and Yahaira Botello.

Legislative Cabinet

Directs and implements the Society’s legislative program and facilitates individual physician involvement in legislative advocacy efforts.

Chaired by John L. Reynolds, MD; Staffed by Chip Baggett and Jennifer Gasperini.

Medical Education Committee

Studies issues pertinent to medical education, including continuing education and programs for accreditation of providers of intrastate continuing medical education.

Chaired by Darlyne Menscer, MD; Staffed by Shawn Scott.

Nominating and Leadership Development Committee

Recommends nominations for elective positions in accordance with the NCMS Constitution and Bylaws.

Chaired by Devdutta G. Sangvai, MD, MBA, FAAFP; Staffed by Abbey Ruggiero.

Physician Hospital Relations Task Force

Identifies and makes recommendations on organized medical staff bylaws and governance issues of current or ongoing concern and develops educational programs and materials for physicians in their dealings with hospitals and health care systems.

Chaired by Zane T. Walsh Jr, MD; Staffed by Steve Keene.

Sports Medicine Committee

Publicizes methods to prevent and treat athletic injuries and encourages development of local medical programs to assist with organized athletic activities.

Chaired by Karl B. Fields, MD; Staffed by Steve Keene.

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